We carry yellow and turquoise book bags and, when we are outside, wear yellow and turquoise caps with the school logo.

Our School Uniform

Please be aware that our Uniform will be changing, from September 2023, Ties, Blazers and Shirts for Year 3 and above will no longer be required. The uniform will be the same for all year groups. 

Until September 2023 children can continue to wear the current uniform as stated below. 


  • Compulsory jumpers/ cardigans with school logo

  • Compulsory school hat with school logo

  • White polo shirt 

  • Grey shorts / trousers/ Grey skirt / pinafore / grey shorts / trousers or yellow check dress in summer

  • Shoes - sensible shoes in a dark colour with Velcro or buckle fastenings. No high heels/trainers.        

PE Uniform 

  • Compulsory Turquoise PE t-shirt named on outside sleeve edge

  • Black shorts/ Trousers  - named on outside leg edge

  • Plimsolls - black with elastic tops for Reception (named) or trainers 

  • Yellow PE bag with child's name on the outside

  • For winter: Black joggers or track suit bottoms - no logo

  • For winter: Black sweat shirt or fleece - no logo

Outdoor Wear

  • Coat - suitable to the weather

  • Wellington boots - in wet weather/snow

  • Hat, gloves and scarf - cold weather

Children will need to bring their book bag with the school logo or a suitable rucksack. .

Please Note: your child will be out in all weather so please ensure they are dressed to explore indoors and outdoors each day. 

School branded items can be bought from MAPAC, using the link below, all other items from MAPAC, supermarkets or children's clothing stores.

MAPAC School Uniform Online Shop


On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school, this includes pin badges (unless they have been awarded by the school, or are leading up to a significant national period, such as Remembrance Sunday). 

The exceptions to this rule are:

  •  discrete ear studs in pierced ears (gold or silver - not 'diamond')

  • small objects of religious significance, such as a crucifix on a chain or Sikh Kara

  • Medical identification bracelets may be worn by children who have significant medical problems eg. Diabetes or epilepsy.

We ask the children to remove these objects (or cover with medical tape) during PE, games and swimming for health and safety reasons.