Our Vision

For a better future.

Every child is valued, celebrated and encouraged to be the best version of themselves that they can be. 

Our children realise their full potential through taking pride and having fun in their learning. In so doing, they grow into confident citizens of their world, who can make a positive difference.

We inspire our children to enjoy their childhood, while becoming:

  • Independent, resilient, lifelong learners
  • Thriving, adaptable and aspirational people
  • Caring, considerate and respectful members of society.

For a better future is more than just our vision as a school, it is our ethos, our curriculum, and is the rationale for everything that we do and everything that our children experience. It is our investment in our children and their entitlement whilst in our school.


Making the difference together is our trust wide vision and through Lanchester Primary School's dedication to provide a better future, the children are immersed in Danes Educational Trust's vision. 

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